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AmiSight 5/20: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I don’t understand cryptocurrency to save my life. I have never invested in – and when people ask me about it, I simply say that I don't have enough brain cells to figure it out.

Perhaps my approach is old fashioned and old-sighted – but something doesn't smell right to me. Sure enough, the crypto markets have crashed lately – which shouldn’t be a surprise.

While I might not understand crypto, I can talk SBA with my eyes closed. Last week, I heard perhaps the most outlandish EIDL story I have listened to yet. An entrepreneur received a $2 M EIDL loan that he had no need or use for. SO he took the money and invested it straight in the crypto market.

If my wife reads this column, she will accuse me of being judgmental. This EIDL Crypto entrepreneur deserves to have his portfolio in the toilet, and whatever legal challenges might await him if audited !!!

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Tim Tolan
Tim Tolan
May 20, 2022

Simply unbelievable! He should be rewarded for his decision on EIDL.

Lock ‘‘em up!

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