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AmiSight 5/5: Explore These Mission Critical Strategies

I wanted to take the time today to invite all of our readers from Southern California to a live event we are hosting on May 11th, CEO Mornings! From 8 am to 12 pm, you'll be able to network with other CEOs and hear myself, Karie Kaufmann, and David Nilssen speak about relevant business growth strategies. We are also entrepreneurs, so we understand the lack of time to digest new concepts, understand trends, and explore mission-critical strategies. So, we decided to bring it all to you in one condensed morning of business concept exploration! The topics we will cover are: · How to Scale Without Losing Your Mind or Your Bottom Line · Building a Financing Strategy for Growth - with Lots of SBA tips (my session) ·, and The Future is Borderless, A Conscious Way To Build a Competitive Advantage with Borderless Talent.

While there is a fee for general admission, I am happy to be able to offer this opportunity to my blog community for free! I hope to see you there! The event is being held at The Griffin Club in Los Angeles, and you can register here:

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