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AmiSight 5/5: My Favorite and Saddest Picture from Cape Town

On our last day in Cape Town, we visited an orphanage in Langa Township. About 36 kids were living in a small shack. They had beautiful smiles but no running water or electricity. The worst part was that maybe 20 yards away, a party raged at the local pub.

In this picture, you see the hands of a beautiful little boy connecting with us while girls dance in the background. You don't see the dirt on his socks or his rotted, tiny teeth.

While, on the one hand, it felt "great" to collect money from EO members and donate it to the orphanage, my feelings were primarily sad when we left. The problems were so vast and deep, and it has me thinking a lot if I spend enough time trying to impact the world versus worrying about silly stuff. This is the dilemma that I left Cape Town with.

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