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AmiSight 5/6: #StopKillingTrees

The other month I wrote about my paperless business card from Kardz.Biz, which I've used almost every day since it was delivered. The convenience and simplicity are unbeatable, and, of course, the best part of this "tool" is that it's eco-friendly!


Gone are the days of torn paper business cards, prone to damage and easy to forget. Kardz.Biz's mission is to #StopKillingTrees, providing a practical alternative that feels both sleek and eco-conscious for its users.


Additionally, all business card orders help to plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, contributing to reforestation and conservation around the world. Last time, I asked you, "How cool is my new business card?". Now, I say, "How cool is my new tree?".

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