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AmiSight 5/9: The 5 I’s of Leadership and How It Drives Your Top and Bottom Lines

In today’s podcast, MultiFunding President Lynn Ozer, aka SBA Queen, and I talk to Marissa Levin, a five-time, 30-year entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author, mindset expert, and globally recognized growth and spiritual strategist. In today’s episode, she tells us about her latest venture, I5 Conscious Leadership, a leadership education and consulting firm guided by a mission to elevate the consciousness of the world through leadership.

"At the heart of all of us is a beautiful spirit, and my spirit is definitely one that is here to uplift and empower others," she said. "My lifetime legacy mission – LLM – is to empower 1 billion people to live their most joyful lives. And I do that through the work that I do, through 30 years of entrepreneurship of helping people move past their self limiting beliefs, their deeply ingrained patterns that hold them back, and really step into their highest potential and remember who they are."

The impetus for this mission goes back 30 years to when she branched out on her own after working for a man who capped her value way below her worth, despite her education and how much money she was bringing into the company. She started her first business, Information Experts, a strategic communications and education firm. She launched the firm as a solopreneur with a $35,000 contract and grew the organization to approximately $14 million in revenue and 75 employees until she exited in 2012.

The model for her latest business, I5 Conscious Leadership, is intention, identity, integrity, insight, and inspiration.

"The first thing is you have to create a baseline, you have to know what you’re working with," she said. "We start with an assessment of the organization in terms of where they are with their leadership. So many of the problems that can be avoided come from having the courage and the awareness to do the work to bridge the gap between how the leaders see themselves and how the employees see themselves."

The gap leads to disengagement, which according to research through Gallup and other sources, is high. The research finds that only 21% of employees are engaged at work, 90% of employees are fully miserable and 60% of employees are emotionally detached.

Listen here to learn more about the types of businesses I5 serves (hint: all types and sizes), how Marissa’s public speaking boosts her business, and the importance of building a trusted team around you.

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