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AmiSight 6/20: A Shout Out to My Bride

Today Bethany and I mark our 23rd anniversary!! While we love to tease each other about 24 x 7, the truth of the matter is that being the spouse of an entrepreneur is not an easy task. We are not easy human beings to live with.

Think about being married to an entrepreneur for a minute. Consider the emotional roller coasters we ride, and the ups and downs. We try to be “present” at home, but depending on what’s going on, that doesn’t always go too well. And our spouses often become our emotional punching bags along the way.

I think Bethany got her first taste of it when I brought my laptop on our honeymoon. And in case you think it gets better, on our most recent vacation with our daughter I was busy on a special project and saw them about an hour a day!!

So in honor of my bride today and our anniversary, please give your spouse a bit of extra love!! I promise to do the same with mine!! Happy Anniversary Bethany Kassar!!!

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Tim Tolan
Tim Tolan
Jun 20, 2022

So true Ami and so many people that don’t run their own business don’t understand this dynamic. Our spouses and significant others live with our constant ups and downs and late night email and text messages and they understand. As I tell my wife often…

”This is the life we have chosen”. Happy Anniversary Ami and to 23 more blissful years!

Jun 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Tim 🙂

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