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AmiSight 6/27: Wells Fargo Doubling Down on Efforts to Be Transparent

Wells Fargo has fired about a dozen employees due to “unethical behavior” after claims they were faking work activity.


Yahoo!Finance reports that the staffers, all in the firm’s wealth- and investment-management unit, were “discharged after review of allegations involving simulation of keyboard activity creating the impression of active work,” according to disclosures filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.


Although it is unclear whether or not the employees involved were working from home, Wells Fargo has been adamant about getting staffers back into the office after the pandemic waned. 


A company spokesperson said, “Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards and does not tolerate unethical behavior.” This is quite the turnaround for the company, which has faced several ethical issues in the past decade, including creating fake accounts in the names of its customers without their knowledge or consent.

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