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AmiSight 6/4: Little Gym, Big Heart: Growing Beyond Boundaries

In this week's edition of the AmiSights Podcast, we talk to Devin Gage⁠, founder and CEO of ⁠Engage Personal Training⁠. He explains how he knew he didn’t want a desk job but didn’t realize he could make fitness into a career.

“I've become obsessed with business and understanding this game of business, and just this understanding that every one of these things has been done before. These problems have solutions and exist in the market, and I love thinking about it from a strategic lens of like, if this then that, and how does this puzzle all fit together? It just excites me."

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How hiring his first employee motivated him to spend more time working on marketing his business.

  • How entrepreneurs are often driven by insecurity and the desire to keep growing and prove something. 

  • How Devin is planning to increase his locations from seven to 100 in the next 10 years by centralizing systems and building a pipeline of fitness trainers.

Be sure to catch tomorrow's blog, where Devin joins us as the first guest on our latest series, "Entrepreneurs and Risk," as we delve into the entrepreneurial mindset and navigating risks.

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