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AmiSight 6/7: Imagine Quitting Your Job And Buying A New Business in the Middle of the Pandemic

Today on AmiSights, the podcast, we have Smriti Sinha (Sims)! Smriti is an entrepreneurial leader passionate about building innovative products by marrying consumer-centered creativity with analytical business strategy. Smriti recently transitioned from leading innovation and product development at Fortune 100 companies to the exciting world of e-commerce and wellness.

Smriti acquired a small business during the pandemic in the health and wellness niche called Natural Healing House ( Natural Healing House offers physician-grade vitamins and supplements and homeopathy products to customers. Natural Healing House is committed to providing wellness products curated by experts that provide customers with the highest quality ingredients at affordable prices. Her passion is to make natural wellness products accessible to all. Over the last few years, Sims has been researching natural wellness products and online systems to create a top-class customer shopping experience at NHH.

Before running this business, Sims was the Vice President of Digital Product & Strategy at Prudential Financial. Smriti's financial services experience includes running the global pricing portfolio for Business Travel at American Express. With a proven track record in launching digital products across financial services, life insurance, travel, and technology, Smriti has developed a unique perspective on innovating in highly regulated industries.

Smriti shares how she went about finding the right business to buy, narrowed down her choices, and found financing. Listen to find out how Smriti accomplished a successful acquisition:

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