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Amisight 7/16: If You Got a Bizarre Email About Your SBA Extension: You’re Not Alone

Yesterday, the SBA sent out an unknown amount of emails in error to applicants for the EIDL extension. I have heard and read stories of people being notified that they are dead, their business cannot be verified, or their application has been withdrawn. I am still waiting to hear about one that a dog ate the application, but not yet.

If you got one of these messages, I have no good advice about what you should do. Phone lines were down yesterday, probably from many upset people, and there were long wait times. I would love to say that I am confident that the SBA knows who they sent the erroneous messages to and is correcting this issue. But, unfortunately, I am not convinced of anything.

It also appears that some of the EIDL processing centers are holding off on fundings until 4506T tax verifications come in from the IRS, and others are proceeding without them.

If you're in line waiting for an EIDL extension, remember that this is like playing roulette in a dark black hole.

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