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AmiSight 9/13: Has Kevin O’Leary Hit the Bottom of the Barrel?

I can’t say I was shocked to read in the Wall Street Journal last week that Kevin O'Leary, a.k.a. "Mr. Wonderful," is deeply involved in a partnership with a company called Bottom Line that is actively promoting the Employee Retention Tax Credit. To top it off, he is lobbying Congress to extend the program.

I am sure I am not alone in getting a dozen or so solicitations a day from for-profit companies like Bottom Line offering to help me apply for the tax credit for a small success fee of 15–25% of the take.

Here is my beef with their model:

  • Your accountant can help you with work for a couple hundred dollars, and your payroll company can help you for free.

Come on, Kevin, don't you have better ways to help your brand and pocketbook than to help small businesses? Why not come up with a business model that provides value?

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Jay Gelman
Jay Gelman
Sep 13, 2023

Most accountants don't want to deal with this , it's time consuming and complicated. I am not making excuses for Kevin, but not sure this is one of his worst deeds.

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