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AmiSight 2/20: How to Manage in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Entrepreneurs are going through an uncertain period in history which I call COVID-Dominoes. First, the COVID-19 pandemic put shocks through the world, and now we are living with economic, health, and political dominoes that will take a long time to settle down.

In my Recession Proof Your Balance Sheet webinar this Wednesday, we will discuss managing a rising interest rate environment. We need to play offense and defense when working on the balance sheet – we need to be ready to handle unexpected risks and take advantage of any unexpected opportunities.

I ask my guests to consider different options in case studies involving topics like reserves, future opportunities, and expansion. What liquidity do you have to cover worst-case scenarios? What are unexpected opportunities? What current debt should stay on the balance sheet, and what should be refinanced?

As always, each situation is different, and each option may not be the best for everyone. So what choice would you make? Register here for the webinar, which starts at noon Wednesday.

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