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AmiSight 2/21: Can You Be Happily Married and Work Together?

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I talk to Seth Barnes in today's podcast, who runs Raddish – a subscription-based cooking club for kids and families – with his wife, Samantha.

Samantha Barnes, a former middle school teacher, started the e-commerce company eight years ago after successfully running a cooking school in Los Angeles that included after-school classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and the like. Seth, a marketing professional, joined Raddish a year later.

And how did that go?

“We’re still married, we’re still here, we’re still working together,” he said.

While Samantha focuses on the curriculum and content, Seth uses his marketing skills behind the scenes and lines up the business strategy.

I asked Seth if he had any tips for couples working together.

“It’s good to be clear-eyed in the beginning; it’s business; the chances of failure are greater than success,” he said.

Learn how the Barneses made it work on this week’s AmiSights Podcast episode here.

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