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How Has Marketing Changed During The Pandemic

Today I sat down with seasoned marketing pro Steve Dobbins. Steve helps CEOs and businesses owners tell their stories through brand building. In August 2016, Steve launched The Dobbins Group, a consultancy firm focused on providing strategic marketing and communications support to diverse clients worldwide.

For more than 20 years, Steve has worked side-by-side with CEOs, helping them grow their brands. In April 2016, Steve also co-founded a new socially-driven fitness brand, evolve, where every purchase includes a giveback to a nonprofit fighting for social justice.

Our main topic today is how marketing has changed and evolved during the pandemic. After initially being struck by the pandemic, Steve started to see new clients emerging who wanted to be ready for the eventual rebound. These were companies who had been successful for many years without marketing and, when the pandemic hit, realized it would be an excellent opportunity to focus on their branding. Once business owners started to accept that they weren’t going to predict what was around the corner, optimism and resiliency emerged. They started being more offensive with their brands and saw great results. Steve found it incredibly rewarding to work with CEOs during this time and enjoyed watching their pivot.

So what’s Steve's advice for other CEOs and small business owners? Take care of yourself first - take a vacation. Have a strong leadership team, be vulnerable and surround yourself with people you can trust. Most importantly, take time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned this past year.

Listen Here for more Marketing Insights:

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