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Learning From the Founder of

Today I’m with Anita Campbell, CEO of What started out as a newsletter and then a blog quickly became entrepreneurs' go-to site for information.

What kind of content does the site publish? Small business success is delivered daily. Anita asked herself, what information do small business owners need to be successful? This site is the result. She says that small business owners need to know what tools are out there, select them, and which ones are best for specific industries. They need general operating advice on how to put controls in place and how to expand. What vendors out there are genuinely interested in serving the small business community? Do you need funding to meet payroll, or is it for expansion? Small Business Trends has anything from managing your money to business book reviews and is a must-read for any entrepreneur.

What did Anita see during the pandemic? A massive ripple effect through the community. We all know what the hardest hit brick-and-mortar businesses were, but what about the impact that had on everyone else? Personally, Anita saw an overnight drop in advertising for those industries that got hit the hardest. Therefore, companies like her own, which are ad-revenue based, also took a hard hit. Many small business owners also learned the hard way how important having a financial cushion is.

What are small business owners asking for now? Work from home strategies is a vast topic because many employees want to continue working from home, while owners worry about productivity. She's also seeing a lot of interest in entrepreneurs wishing to start a business and changing business models to eCommerce. Many business owners who have been doing this for a long time will struggle with this change, but “it is imperative to be open and listen to your team’s ideas.” - Anita

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