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The “New Normal” Is Unsettling

If my day yesterday was any sign of the “new normal” in business – it’s unsettling. My goal for the day was simple: to get from Philadelphia to Oklahoma City to give a speech. But, instead, my morning started with my third canceled flight in three weeks. The behind-the-scenes reasoning for this is that airlines are short of mechanics and can’t get parts in fast enough.

When I arrived in OKC, I spent half an hour in the balmy 97-degree weather waiting for my rent a car that I had reserved (btw I have Executive Status 😊) Reasoning: not enough employees to wash the vehicles. And likely just not enough cars.

As business owners and entrepreneurs – we need to be ready for a lot of uncertainty as the world finds its new equilibrium. And part of being prepared is having our balance sheets ready, so our companies can absorb unexpected shocks. If you want to learn more about how the SBA can help you in this effort, please join us for a live SBAIGNITE webinar at noon EST today, or sign up for on-demand learning here.

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