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AmiSight 1/12: Wow, a Lot Happened in 2023

A lot of people have been posting about their accomplishments in 2023. I thought I would post about some of the significant events or "firsts" that happened to me personally in 2023 instead.

In April, we hosted my mom, one brother, and his family for a Seder at our house in Philly. This was a first, and I'm super grateful.

Later that month, Bethany Michelle Kassar and I traveled to Cape Town, where I was born. It was my first time back in thirty-something years and her first trip. The highlight was going to the synagogue and sitting in my grandfather's seat, still with his name on it.

In May, I testified before Congress.

In June, our daughter Charlotte had a twofer. She turned 21 and had hip reconstruction surgery that positively changed her life.

It was my honor to take over as President of EO Philadelphia in July.

In August, we put our dog down. So sad.

In October, after the tragic events of October 7th, we launched a grassroots initiative of EO members worldwide to do everything we could to help.

And in November, I reached a million-miler status on American Airlines. (I'm not sure this is something to be proud of!)

So after that year, what will 2024 bring!?

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