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AmiSight 12/19: Navigating Entrepreneurial Terrains with Deliberate Growth and Leaps of Faith

In today’s podcast, we talk to Ben Herman, co-founder and CEO of Mad Fish Digital, a digital marketing agency and certified B Corporation with its roots in Portland, Oregon. He explains how watching the stress of having investors at his previous company made him take slow and deliberate growth in his own company.

“It's my wife’s and my company, and that feels really good,” he said. “It feels like we can make decisions for ourselves and we can make mistakes for ourselves and learn from them and not have a group of people that can take it away tomorrow or have to make a decision that might not be beneficial to the company.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How working remotely expanded Ben’s talent pool across the country and world, not just locally.

  • Understanding the importance of taking care of your current client base while growing new business. 

  • Why innovation, rather than competition, keeps Ben up at night.

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