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AmiSight 10/10: How the Way You Talk Can Impact How You Are Being Heard

In today’s podcast, we talk to Dr. Laura Sicola, founder of Vocal Impact Productions and host of the podcast, “Speaking to Influence: Communication Secrets of the C-Suite.” She explains why clear communication is vital, no matter who you are talking to or the situation.

“To me, the definition of public speaking is anytime you're talking to somebody other than yourself,” she says. “So, it could be just a conversation with a coworker, it could be an interview like this, it could be a board meeting, it could be a conference talk. It doesn't have to be formal, it can be small and informal. But if you're trying to convey the genius in your brain and the passion in your heart, and get it across to somebody in a way that they get it, that's public speaking.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • What gets in people’s way while trying to communicate.

  • Why being the best version of yourself, rather than trying to act like someone else, is always the best way to get through to your audience.

  • How to keep people’s attention by changing the volume and tone of your voice.

  • How upgrading your computer’s microphone makes a world of difference.

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