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AmiSight 9/19: Scale Your Business Rapidly While Maintaining Happy and Productive Employees

In today’s podcast, we talk to Gabe Abshire, founder and CEO of Utility Concierge, a one-stop-shop for setting up utilities and home services—such as electricity, cable, internet, phone, and smart security—when moving into a new home. Gabe explains how he came up with the idea for the company and why it is of value to customers, real estate professionals, and service providers.

"We're going to save you time. We're going to talk to you, find out what you need and what you're looking for in the house, and we're just gonna say, ‘here's your options, check, yes or no.’ We go to work making all those connections and setting appointments so you don't have to do that," he explains. "We figure it's about a couple of half days on the phone, trying to set everything up. And we can do that in a 30-minute phone call, get everything taken care of for you."

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How the company goes up and down with housing demand.

  • How the pandemic changed the business model from in-office to remote.

  • How to retain strong company culture with employees working virtually.

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