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AmiSight 12/1: Some Random Lessons Learned From the Last Few Weeks

  1. We have to take some time for ourselves, or we won't help anyone.

  2. We have to pick our battles. You can’t fight gravity.

  3. When we are mad, try not to do anything about it until after a good night's sleep.

  4. We each have to pick a few priorities, or we won't get anything done.

  5. There is no I in the word leader.

  6. Sometimes, our most significant impact will come from small conversations.

  7. Yes, everything feels different now, and that might not change.

  8. Try not to assume the worst in silence, which is hard.

  9. I still find time to laugh.

  10. Be thankful for new friendships that might become more important than old ones.

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