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AmiSight 12/5: Unlock the True Potential of Your Business by Mastering the Concept Of EBITDA

In today’s podcast, we talk to Ryan Tansom, founder of Arkona, and the Intentional Growth™ Framework, which helps owners view and run their company like a financial asset through educational training and fractional CFO services. He developed the program after selling his family business with the goal of helping others avoid the same mistakes he made.

“I think the blind trust, we can't do that anymore,” he said. “Because you have situations like myself that you get into when you think everybody's looking out for you, but you realize they don't get paid to look out for you.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How owners should understand their business through the lens of finance so they can get what they want from their financing partners.

  • How understanding your company’s valuation – every month – sets a framework for decision-making.

  • Why revenue isn’t the only factor to measure your company’s success or growth.

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