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AmiSight 2/1: Maybe I’ve Finally Left Behind the Chaos of Being a Startup

During the first several years of building a business, it can be non-stop chaos. There’s no work-life balance. There are no vacations. Weeks and weekends blur together. It can be hard to keep both your business and yourself healthy. Every day, you are fighting to survive until tomorrow, and it's tough to think much further into the future.

But then, if you survive the chaos, at some point in your journey, you cross a chasm, and life begins to feel calmer—even though your business is now larger and you have more people dependent on you and more responsibilities on your shoulders. 

It's not always clear how to know you are making this transition, but I think I am going through it now. I discuss this in my 21 Hats column today. Click here to read.

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