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AmiSight 2/20: The Rise of Customers Bank: A Blueprint for Banking Success

In this week's edition of the AmiSights Podcast, we talk to Jay Sidhu, Chairman and CEO of Customers Bancorp, Inc. and Executive Chairman of Customers Bank. He is also author of “Never, Ever, Ever Give Up, ” which started as a book for his grandchildren about being a first-generation immigrant from India, but evolved into a guideline for young entrepreneurs needing inspiration

“I was very blessed that my dad had a great influence on my life, he was my mentor. And I wanted to pass on what he did for me on to others,” he said. “Now I have a goal and a mission to try to reach at least 5,000 young people in America or around the world and make a positive difference in their lives from sharing my experiences and my disappointments – everything in life – with them. That to me will be the ultimate satisfaction.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How important it is to be an authentic person and be grateful for everything you have.

  • Why mentoring is a virtuous circle between mentors and mentees.

  • How bankers are in the business of having their customers succeed.  

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