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AmiSight 2/22: Walmart Initiates Incentive Programs to Attract and Retain Managers

In the midst of mass layoffs of retail workers, one job is very much in high demand – Walmart superstore manager.

In “The $400,000 Job That Doesn’t Require a College Degree,” the Wall Street Journal looks into this climb-the-ranks position that becomes more lucrative with large bonuses and stock awards. With these added perks to the average base salary of $128,000, the best employees at the biggest stores can earn more than $400,000 annually in total compensation.

Store managers oversee large teams and substantial revenue, with many rising from entry-level positions without college degrees. The added responsibility of managing e-commerce orders has increased the complexity of the role. 

Worried about its pipeline of store managers, Walmart has initiated programs to recruit and train college graduates for managerial positions to strengthen its talent pipeline. Despite concerns about turnover, recent efforts have stabilized manager retention, making it a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

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