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AmiSight 5/21: Educating for Empowerment: Dr. Malik Muhammad's Impact on Youth

In this week's edition of the AmiSights Podcast, we talk to Dr. Malik Muhammad, founder and CEO of Akoben LLC & Transforming Lives Inc.⁠, which serve youth, school districts and leaders across the United States and abroad. Join us as he delves into how his personal journey has shaped his entrepreneurial trajectory.

“My entrepreneurial journey really is rooted in freedom and wanting to be able to have more command of my own destiny,” he said. “I grew up in pretty unstable conditions, the intersection of poverty and racism and dysfunction in my own family. So, wanting a lot of folks who grew up in unstable conditions, wanting to find stability.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How Malik learned his business acumen for his own businesses while still working in corporate America.

  • How an entrepreneur’s background may affect their risk tolerance if they can’t fall back on family money.

  • How prioritizing your health helps you be a better business letter. 

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