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AmiSight 5/16: Inflation's Impact on Entrepreneurs: Navigating Uncertain Times

When most people think of inflation, consideration for the impacted population ends with the consumer. But what about small businesses, backed by the pockets of individuals instead of massive parent companies? The divide between Wall Street and small businesses has intensified yet again through inflation and its consequences, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Although small business owners feel the hit much more significantly, they remain "overwhelmingly happy" with their businesses and expect them to recover and flourish in the long term. Additionally, a shift in generational habits shows that Gen Z is far more likely to embark on entrepreneurship right out of school with gusto and passion, as opposed to previous generations likelihood to begin their business well into their corporate career as a revival of purpose. This, of course, means that the next generation of entrepreneurs is just as strong as ever.


With upcoming elections in November, small business legislation and general talk are somewhat lacking, leaving space for all politicians to speak more on topics of entrepreneurship.

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