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AmiSight 5/30: How Running a Business Goes from Checkers to Chess for This Female Entrepreneur

In today’s podcast, MultiFunding President Lynn Ozer, aka SBA Queen, and I talk to Angela Pointon, Owner and President of 11outof11, a digital marketing agency that offers outsource content marketing services and HubSpot expertise and training. Angela tells us about what makes her tick and the inspiration behind her book, “Stop Blending In: The 7 Steps for Achieving Thought Leader Status and Standing Out in Your Field.”

She explains that when she was working for an agency, she was working 60-70 hours a week, commuting an hour each way and hardly seeing her then-very young children. While she climbed the ranks to COO, she was burnt out and took some time off to freelance before launching 11outof11 in 2017.

“Our business model is comprised of a lot of subcontractors – people who really own their own work-life balance and choose how much they want to work in their life versus spending time traveling or doing other things or spending time with family,” she said. “Being able to empower people to own that themselves and dictate that whatever that means for them is something that really makes me tick and gets me excited.”

She admits she didn’t know much about running a business when she first started, but loved the newness of the first few years.

“With every client that signed, I got really excited, and ‘I can't believe they want to work with us’ was more my attitude going into that, not because I didn't think that we could deliver, I was just kind of a kid in the candy store, just excited that it was taking off and growing and making money and also empowering people to build a life that they wanted,” she said.

As the business grows, she is trying to spend more time working on her business rather than working in it, and empowering others to take control and do what they do best.

“Delegation is a lot about trust. It was really about building the team and providing training or coaching in areas that they needed to grow,” she said. “If it's not done the way I want, I swoop back in and do it myself. That's my bad behavior from a delegation perspective. When you have people who actually do things better than you could, you get away from that feeling.”

Listen here to learn about what marketing expertise her company provides, how she thinks tools like ChatGPT will affect content creation and how she sets goals.

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