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AmiSight 6/11: Fortifying Finances: Strategies for Sustainable Business Expansion

In this week's episode of the AmiSights Podcast, Ami talks with Pete Heald, CEO of Signature Analytics, and Jason Kruger, President and Founder of Signature Analytics, a firm specializing in outsourced CFO and business advisory services. They delve into why they started the business, emphasizing the crucial role of accounting and finance in driving value, and discuss the risks associated with relying on a single individual for accounting tasks.

“What I saw back then, and continue to see now, is the need for these types of companies in the small mid-market – they deserve better than what they're getting,” Kruger said. “A lot of them are looking at accounting and finance as a necessary evil. And what we want to do is educate them and show them how accounting and finance can drive value to their business.”

The main topics of today's episode will be:

  • How CEOs and leadership team members need to understand their financials and fundamentals, especially as they scale and grow.

  • Why it is critical to not have just one person in control of all of the financials. 

  • How, as a business owner, it is important to know every aspect of your business.

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