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AmiSight 6/7: Entrepreneurship is a Science... Every Day is an Experiment

In life and entrepreneurship, our responsibilities, communities, and even our own egos can create a certain pressure to be perfect. And that pressure, when disproportionately applied, can make us snap. We hear so many success stories and see so many “picture perfect” moments that we can forget about the mistakes and failures that certainly came along the way. Entrepreneurship is simultaneously an art and a science. It’s a mix of passion, creativity, blood, sweat, and tears. We go into experiences with expectations that are sometimes met, but sometimes our expectations are changed. And it is imperative that we remember that each day is an experiment and an opportunity to discover what we don’t know yet.


The most successful people understand that the phrase “back to square one” is a ridiculous sentiment, because once you gain this newfound knowledge and experience, the original “square one” that you started at ceases to exist. All experiments have been successful. Maybe not in the way that we had hoped, and perhaps in a way that tears up our hypothesis, but most definitely in the data that we are able to collect and act upon. We don’t need things to go exactly as planned. We don’t need our expected outcomes to be 100% perfect. We just need a process, the ability to act under stress, and an open mind. Remember this: while pressure can snap a twig, it can also create a diamond.

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