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AmiSight 6/21: Leaders Should Be Problem Finders, Not Problem Solvers

Thanks to Rishi Khan for sharing this fascinating article about leadership. The ability to solve problems is highly valued, but it's important to consider whether solutions genuinely address the root causes. Problem-solvers may only sometimes tackle the underlying systems and processes that led to the problem. On the other hand, problem-finding is a challenging task that requires expertise, humility, and a commitment to a more significant cause.

Unfortunately, problem-finders often go unnoticed as their work happens behind the scenes.

Problem-finders actively seek out problems and take proactive measures to prevent them. They possess intellectual curiosity, systemic thinking, and healthy paranoia. Problem-finders engage in lifelong learning, think systemically, and remain vigilant to hidden dangers. They understand that mishaps are rarely caused by a single event or individual and actively address underlying issues.

Leaders should prioritize the problem-finding mindset to detect and address hidden problems, fostering organizational growth and safety. Problem-finders take responsibility for their mistakes and resolve underlying issues.

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