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AmiSight 6/21: The Power of Viral Marketing

Since it's Friday, it seems like an appropriate day for a meme. For those of you with teenagers on the internet, or maybe even a spare moment to scroll through social media yourself, you may have come across the viral Four Seasons Baby meme at some point in time. What was meant to be a cute family moment shared with the internet quickly spread across TikTok and became the talk of the world wide web. This 10-second video was posted by @sobrizzle on May 18th and earned over 44 million views and 7.8 million likes in only two days. The mother innocently asked her daughters, “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” when her youngest child shocked viewers with well-developed fine motor skills and advanced cadence.


While we're impressed with this baby's adult-like qualities, the reason we're writing about this today is because we're equally impressed with the Four Seasons response. They were quick to jump on board with the viral moment and invited the family to experience an unforgettable few days, being greeted by employees and spoiled with the ultimate Four Seasons treatment. The hotel posted hilarious clips of the two girls being fanned by palm fronds, lounging by the pool, wearing tuxedos while they ate spaghetti, and wearing princess dresses as they danced in the ballroom. The hotel managed to capitalize on the virality of the original video with humor while still remaining true to the overall brand and class of the Four Seasons.


So I have a question for everybody: who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando? Definitely me!

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