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AmiSight 6/28: Why Words Matter

On this week’s episode of AmiSights the podcast, I get to sit down with the owner and president of Rapport International, Wendy Pease! Rapport International is a language services company that provides high quality translation and interpretation services with a specialty in global marketing, legal, and medical services. Throughout her career, Wendy has worked with hundreds of companies to help them communicate across more than 200 languages and cultures. Wendy is a frequent speaker, writer, blogger, trainer, advisor, and master networker. She’s the author of the book “The Language of Global Marketing”, the host of the Global Marketing Show podcast, which features experts on opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. She also leads a global speed networking group and moderates the Boston chapter of Soft Land Partners.

Today we’re going to be talking about why having high quality translation and interpretation services is so important as more and more markets transition into global sales. Translating marketing materials, user manuals, websites, patent research, regulatory clinical trials and even international business executives’ conversations are just some of the services Wendy’s company provides. While there are some places you can get away with a google or machine translation, those places become more minimal as you grow and liability becomes a concern. Rapport International also helps hospitals when they need telephone or live interpreters- another place where the quality of the translation is paramount.

When Wendy bought the company 17 years ago, she bought the ability to judge the quality of a translation and knowledge of how to screen for the best interpreters. Just because a person is bilingual, doesn’t mean they can do a high-quality translation or interpretation. Each interpreter has to have an understanding of the material they are working on and Rapport does linguistic matching (where an interpreter stays with a particular client) so that they can continue to developing that depth of information.

Finally, find out all the reasons you should consider selling your products/services to the international market:

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