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AmiSight 6/29: Interesting Insight How the Past Three Years Have Affected the Class of 2023

A fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal talks about how recent graduates of the Class of 2023 are facing challenges in developing soft skills due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As campuses closed and virtual learning became the norm, students missed opportunities to learn these skills through on-the-job experience, mentorship, and campus interactions. To address this gap, companies, universities, and recruiters offer training and guidance to new hires to improve their interpersonal skills.

Many soon-to-be graduates are eager to transition from virtual environments to face-to-face interactions in the workplace. A TimelyCare survey found that most Class of 2023 graduates desired an entirely in-person work environment. However, graduates may need help reading colleagues' cues or navigating meetings due to their disrupted college experience.

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