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AmiSight 6/5: Are Some Entrepreneurs Indifferent about Risk?

Last month, I had the privilege of sitting down with Devin Gage, owner and founder of Engage Worldwide, Gage Strength Training, and Engage Personal Training. As the first formal interviewee in our RISK series, I was eager to speak to him, as his profile defies the three typical categories that we see entrepreneurs fall into: risk-averse, risk-neutral, and risk-flexible.


While several other entrepreneurs have placed a focus on risk (calculating, mitigating, or even running towards it), Devin has a unique perspective of indifference. In fact, when he first began his journey into entrepreneurship, he noted an "ignorance" towards what was at stake. It was years down the line when he connected with his identity as an entrepreneur and began to actively employ risk as a means to business growth. As an individual, he thrives in chaos, and his strengths as an entrepreneur are showcased in these moments where he executes agility.


So how does he mitigate any major risk while he grows his business or "kicks over the beehive"? Through mindset. A strong mental fortitude has carried him through ups and downs: "I either win or I learn." This indifference to risk is apparent, as Devin is able to find success in whatever outcome may present itself. He breaks down each challenge "mile by mile," as opposed to identifying each detail or looming threat, and in doing so, moves steadily through each novel entrepreneurial undertaking. Check out some highlights from the interview below!

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