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AmiSight 7/2: Study Finds Hybrid Work Schedule Beneficial for Both Employer and Employee

Although some bosses think their employees should be in the office as much as possible now that the pandemic is over, a new study finds that a hybrid work schedule may just be the right balance for all parties involved.


According to a new study by economist Nicholas Bloom, a hybrid work schedule is more beneficial than being in the office five days a week. While the balance varies, Bloom found that working from home two days a week and going to the office three days didn’t affect either the worker’s or company’s performance and reduced the number of employees who quit the company by a third, essentially saving companies millions of dollars a year. 


Flex Index data found that a hybrid schedule is profitably used by about 80% of U.S. and European companies. Professionals weighed in on the topic on LinkedIn. After reading the study, Karolina Urbanska, PhD, concluded: “We need to stop stigmatizing a working approach that keeps employees engaged and committed and allows individuals from different walks of life to make their jobs work around their lives.”

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