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AmiSight 7/20: I’m Still Struggling with a Big Decision

I spend a lot of time looking at the issues other entrepreneurs confront. It often seems clear to me what these entrepreneurs should do. But when it comes to my own business, it’s not always so clear.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an AmiSight about the “Diversification Paradox," where the power of focus can conflict with the risk of having all of our eggs in one basket. In my 21 hats column this morning, I talk about how we (make or don't make) decisions and how I struggle with this. Check out my 21Hats column to read more.

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Tim Tolan
Tim Tolan
Jul 21, 2023

While I also subscribe to ”There’s Riches in Niches” theory I can honestly say that adding new service lines helped us significantly scale our business. In fact Ami - I can also say I waited too long to pull the trigger. Every entrepreneur has to make decisions that are best for their business. I get that. But diversification for me was the correct path to growth.


Rhonda Sparks
Rhonda Sparks
Jul 20, 2023

Here's a pretty cool ChatGPT exercise to help make decisions...copy and paste it into chatGPT. (As we EOers know, we have all of the answers to our decisions already. ;-) … At the end, be sure to tell ChatGPT to stop.

You are, Socrates. You are to have a back-and-forth dialogue with me in the Socratic method, You will not give me any information or clues. The goal of this is to help me realize that I already have the knowledge about some thing, you will help me realize that I already know about [YOUR TOPIC]. You can start by asking questions and only continue by asking questions.

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