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AmiSight 9/13: Is B.S. Marketing Holding Your Company Back?

This week on the AmiSights podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Mastovich. Dave is the founder and CEO of MASSolutions, a full-service marketing agency in Pittsburgh.

Before founding MASSolutions, Dave spent more than ten years leading marketing teams in multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. From inside the corporate space, he realized most companies don't fully understand their marketing opportunity. Talking to thousands of C-Suite professionals, owners, and entrepreneurs only confirmed his suspicion: "even people at the top of their business game don't know what real marketing is or how it should work."

Dave started MASSolutions because he wanted any company, regardless of size or industry, to leverage real marketing through his No BS Go To Market System. When Dave speaks with clients, he challenges them to answer the Two Why Questions: Your why or reason for being and your customers' why or reason for buying. Dave explains that these two answers lead to the creation of one Big Idea which drives your storytelling.

"Most people are frustrated with their marketing, and it's because they have tactical execution being done and there are not systematically enough gathering insights and not enough strategy." Dave and his team work with companies to achieve massive growth through strategic marketing, customer experience solutions, and top and bottom-line storytelling.

Dave is also the author of Get Where You Want to Go Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling, the No BS Marketing Show podcast host, and a nationally-recognized speaker.

Is BS marketing holding your company back? Tune in to find out:

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