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Ever Heard of Friendtorship Before?

Today I sat down with former attorney turned coach Claudia Williams. Throughout her time as an attorney, she spent countless hours conducting training programs and presentations for clients. Over the years, compliance-based training programs shifted to programs with practical approaches for being the best leader while understanding what the law requires of you.

“Leadership is about choices, not being told what to do by an attorney or an HR professional. They are supposed to help guide you and help you see all of your options to make the most informed choice possible. At the end of the day, though, leaders own the decisions, and they are accountable for the decisions they make. It is when leaders truly understand this principle that we understand who the great leaders are.”

Claudia then started to focus solely on coaching, consulting, and building relationships to help clients prevent the problems she once helped them solve as an attorney: becoming better and more strategic business leaders, building better company cultures, and leading more fulfilling lives one day at a time.

Claudia also founded The Human Zone, where she promotes her philosophy of Friendtorship (Friendship, Mentorship, Leadership) that helps CEO’S and other leaders build better cultures and teams. She believes it is a “recipe for profitability” when you have people who want to stay where they are working and a way to end the revolving door of employees. Her suggestion for employers facing this war for talent? Do something proactively different, not responsively different. Don't continue using the same methods from years prior; think bigger. Claudia also suggests investing more time in conversations with the people you already have. While it's harder nowadays to connect personally, try telling your team to have their cameras on for every virtual meeting. Having that visual connectivity when you're not in the office is essential.

Listen to more of Claudia’s Tips & Tricks Here:

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