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Exploring Entrepreneurs Mental Health

Today’s podcast is on a slightly different topic than what I usually do. Still, it is certainly of equal importance: Emotional issues and mental health of entrepreneurs coming out of the pandemic. My guest for this topic is therapist, executive coach, speaker, podcast host, and author of "How to be Alone (And Together): 72 lessons on Being at Peace with yourself," Megan Bruneau M.A. After years of struggling with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, she came to realize she was the one getting in her way. So she healed her relationship with herself and now teaches entrepreneurs and high achievers how to do the same – so they can do the sh*t that scares them and create the life they deserve.

As entrepreneurs, we often have very high expectations for ourselves and push ourselves to the limit. We don’t set boundaries between our personal and work lives and don’t like to admit it when we need help. Setting those boundaries became even more of a challenge when we moved to work-from-home. Being an entrepreneur can be isolating and lonely, and the pandemic exacerbated that. While alone, we not only had to deal with a completely new model of leadership, working and interacting, we also had to wrestle with the guilt and powerless feeling of possibly letting employees go.

Megan challenges entrepreneurs to speak to themselves if they don't meet those expectations and helps them realize how strong they are. Self-Compassion is huge, and it's essential to make sure you’re setting a realistic expectation for yourself. COVID put many business owners into a state of crisis, and a fear of failure was triggered. Megan advises us to step back and look at the issues through a practical and emotional lens. Megan helps entrepreneurs get out of that state of panic and recognize when emotions are genuine and when anxiety is lying to them. Is our anxiety notifying us of an actual threat, or is it just a fear of failure? Remember that it is through failure that we gained the resilience we use to be successful now.

Listen Here for More: Episode #26

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