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Is My Approach to the Delta Variant Correct?

The Delta Variant is here – and hitting America hard in certain pockets of the country. I feel the pain of the front-line workers and patients who are in the heat of the crisis.

While I acknowledge the Delta Variant, I am still going about my business as my “current usual”. Tomorrow I will get on a plane and go to Oklahoma City for a presentation, and then I will wrap up the week in Dallas with two more talks.

Am I too cavalier? I remember being in Fort Lauderdale airport for my last trip before the Pandemic started and smirking at the passengers who were wearing masks. What were they doing? They should have been smirking at me.

This time feels different, though. I have had Covid, and I have had the Vaccine. I wear masks wherever it is required. So, I think it’s OK to go about my business. And I hope I am right.

Are you changing your plans for the Delta Variant?

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