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The Opposite Faces of the Covid-19 Coin

I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to reconcile the different faces of Covid-19 these days.

On the one hand, it feels like a celebration. This weekend I watched Senator Chuck Schumer speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands of New Yorkers about how they had beaten Covid. I saw pictures on Facebook of friends at concerts with thousands of people celebrating and enjoying summer.

But Covid is not over. A friend buried her step-father today, who died alone in the hospital. Her mother also had Covid, and nobody could be with her for days after her husband has passed. They both had their Vaccines. In my office, two of our teammates are fighting through Covid-19. One had a pretty easy time, and the other is home but struggling. There are five breakthrough cases today in a friend's factory, with two of them being seriously sick.

I am having a tough time reconciling these opposite realities in my head and deciding how to plan for what is next. Are you?

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