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AmiSight 1/17: Let’s Hope Bill Gates Has This One Right

A recent Inc. article summarized a twitter q@a with Bill Gates, who predicts that after the current Omnicron Wave – Covid will become more like the flu – and the world can return to some sense of normalcy. Several past pandemics have transitioned to endemic status, including the 1918 influenza and the swine flu pandemic of 2009. So I am counting on Gates being right !!!

How about you?

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Jan 17, 2022

I'm no fan of Bill Gates. He's far too manipulative. But I hope he's right on this one. My own experience is that the most recent variant was mild. But I don't know why anyone should believe that future variants will be mild as well. They might also be more serious. It's a statistical gamble, not a progression. The virus doesn't have a mind or a plan. It just mutates... sometimes... in ways we can't predict.

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