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AmiSight 1/4: My Ongoing Battle With My Email Box

In August, I shared my Plan A to give up control of my email. I had asked one of my teammates to go through my inbox three times a day and try to clear out everything she did not think was necessary. The goal was to clear the clutter out of my life and open up brain space and time to work on more strategic issues. When I wrote about this, I felt like I was withdrawing from the daily speed and rhythm of hundreds of emails. As with many addictions, my first plan to change my behavior did not work. Within two weeks, I was back to my old habits.

And now it's time for Plan B. A few weeks ago, I hired a full-time chief of staff, who we call ARC, based on her initials. While "chief of staff" could mean different things in different organizations, her primary assignment is to guard and protect my time. It's a full-time job. While we are only a few weeks in, it's going well. I share more about this in my 21 Hats column this morning.

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