• Ami Kassar

AmiSight 1/7: Our Spouses Need Some TLC

I recently read a Bloomberg article that speaks to a relatively undiscussed topic in the entrepreneurial community: our relationships with our spouses. Many small business owners barely find enough time to sleep, let alone prioritize their relationships. We're stressed and overwhelmed with the task of running a business and making decisions that can change our employees’ lives. Unfortunately, our partners are usually the recipient of all that built-up tension. Here are seven relationship savers that happily married entrepreneurs recommend so that your business doesn’t consume your marriage:

  1. End-of-day decompression

  2. Mandatory “us” time

  3. Date nights are "non-negotiable."

  4. When your partner is overworked, step up

  5. The little things are the big things

  6. “Hard stop” for meals

  7. Ask for help on work

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