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AmiSight 10/3: Absorbing the Last Three Weeks

I am finally home after speaking and presenting at the Entrepreneurs Organization regional events in Huntington Beach, Cincinnati Beach, and Virginia Beach over the past three weeks, with about 1600 entrepreneurs and members in attendance. For readers unfamiliar with Entrepreneurs Organization, it's a global non-profit organization that provides peer-to-peer support and learning opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide.

About four years ago, I was lucky enough to join EO, which has been transformational in my personal and business growth and development.

Last week, my wife Bethany joined me at the EO Nerve conference in Virginia Beach. It was finally fun to be out somewhere with Bethany where she was "my wife" instead of everywhere else where we go where I am "her husband." But jokes aside, when I asked Bethany what struck her the most about her experience, she said, "it was amazing to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who were there to learn and grow and wanted to challenge each other and grow." That's why I love EO.

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