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AmiSight 10/4: Will I See You Somewhere in October?

It's hard to believe that we're in the fourth quarter of the year. On Sunday, I will hit the road. My trip will start with presenting at the EO Xcentric Conference in New Orleans, followed by the EO Alchemy Conference in Lake Tahoe. We will then move on to the American Rental Association Show in Las Vegas and wrap up with the EO Nerve Clarity conference in Washington D.C... And if that sounds a little slow for you, I will also be presenting virtually at the Inc 5000 Conference.

I am excited to roll out a new keynote address: How To Find Your Growth Lane and Sleep Well at Night!! It’s all about a new methodology for prioritizing what investments you make in your business and how fast you want to try and grow. My new book will also be coming out: Amisights, How to Keep Your Entrepreneurial Flame Lit, and we will be signing away at different spots on the roadshow. The book shares lessons we learned during the pandemic that I believe are timeless and can help at other tricky points along our journeys.

If you're at one of these conferences, please find me and say hello!!!

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Kurt Wickiser
Kurt Wickiser
Oct 05, 2021

Look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas at ARA!! Stay safe.

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