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AmiSight 10/8: Trying to leverage "The Great Resignation."

As our company grows and evolves, we are looking for new people to join our team. But, unfortunately, it's not easy to find good employees in this environment.

I am hoping that we can leverage "The Great Resignation" to our advantage. So here is a test that we are trying. I have gone into LinkedIn Sales Navigator and identified potential candidates working for massive companies, and graduated from good schools a couple of years ago.

I am inviting these targets to connect with the following message Hi Kevin: My name is Ami Kassar, and my company is MultiFunding, based out of Philly. Our small team is growing, and we are looking for good people. If you are interested in an entrepreneurial, not political, exciting company focused on helping businesses grow, I would love to speak with you. Ami

Is this approach going to work? Will the contrast be appealing? I will keep you posted.

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