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AmiSight 11/17: Amazon’s People Problem

At first glance, it’s hard to believe: Amazon, despite its brand and largess, churns through

employees of all levels like it moves products in and out of its warehouses. Documents that the online magazine Engadget traces to a source concerned with a lack of internal control in the company's accounting asserts that high levels of attrition cost the company and its shareholders $8 billion in attrition. Among the startling revelations contained in these documents are this: Only one out of three new hires in 2021 will stay with the company for 90 or more days.

These findings echo and mirror articles and reports written over the last year by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The National Employment Law Project. The Times article quotes a former executive citing high turnover, pressure over productivity, and consequences of scaling up as factors in the high turnover rate. Particularly culpable, the documents assert, are the company's Consumer Talent Strategy, Management, and Development team (CTSMD), which oversees its 97 programs and 2,000 learning modules.

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