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AmiSight 11/18: So What Does “Putting Your Profits Back In Your Business” Mean?

Over the years, countless entrepreneurs have told me they're running tight on cash because they're "investing back in their business." What does that mean, and how can it be measured?

The truth is that to keep growing -- we are investing back in our businesses. We have to make constant decisions about new things to try, new people to hire, etc... It's part of life. But we all “invest” differently, with various philosophies and approaches.

I have a new framework to help think this through. It involves breaking your P@L into three categories: Variable Expenses, Operating Expenses, and Investment Expenses. Once you learn how to look into the rearview mirror, you can move into the future with more clarity as well.

Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar on Friday or a few other days over the next few weeks.

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